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This is where you’ll find the answers to your most common gift card questions. We’ve tried to include everything you could want to know, but if you have a question that’s not answered here, just get in touch.

Buying a gift card

How much money can I put on a gift card?

You can buy printed or e-gift cards between £10 and £5,000 online or from any Neptune store in the UK. If you’d like to buy one worth more than £5,000, just call us on 01793 427427 and we’ll sort that out for you.

I’m buying an e-gift card, but I put the wrong email address in. What shall I do?

Don’t worry, just get in touch with us and we’ll get it sorted. As long as the gift card hasn’t been spent, we’ll cancel it and get a new one sent to the right email address.

Can I order a gift card to be delivered to someone outside the UK?

You can order an e-gift card to go to a friend outside the UK, but they’ll only be able to spend it on our UK website or in our stores here. We don’t offer international delivery on our printed gift cards at the moment.

Will you deliver the gift card to me or to the person I’m giving it to?

When it comes to a printed gift card, that’s entirely up to you. We can send it straight to the recipient and include a short message from you, or you can have it delivered to your own home if you’d like to pop it inside a greetings card or present it in person. An e-gift card will go straight to the person you’re giving it to (the person whose email address you add to the recipient box).

Spending your gift card

Do I need to activate my gift card before I can spend it?

Once you’ve got your gift card, you won’t need to do anything to activate it. It’ll work straight away.

Where can I spend my gift card?

You can spend your gift card on our website at neptune.com, or in any of our own UK stores. The only places you can’t spend are in our partner stores (such as ‘Neptune by’ shops), in our outlet, or in our stores outside the UK.

How do I spend my gift card in-store?

Simply give your printed gift card to one of our home specialists when you get to the till, or show them your e-gift card (which we’ll send in an email) printed out or on your phone.

How do I spend it online?

Just enter the 21-digit code and pin number on your card (or in your email if it’s an e-gift card) into the boxes on the payment part of the checkout page.

What can I spend it on?

You can use your gift card to buy any of the pieces in our collection, from furniture to accessories, lighting to paint, and on our services too (like kitchen design and our bespoke curtains and blinds). You can also use it alongside a promotion or on ex-display pieces – just not on designs from our outlet. You’re also not able to use it to buy another gift card.

How long do I have to use my card before it expires?

You can use your card for up to two years after it was bought (the date will be on your receipt if you’re not sure when that is, or get in touch and we can find that out for you). You can’t extend this time though.

What happens if I don’t spend all the money on my card in one go?

If you don’t spend all the money on your card, it’ll stay on there until the next time you want to use it, up to the expiry date.

I can’t remember how much is on my card, is there a way I can find that out?

Simply enter in the 21-digit number as well as the pin code (you can find these on your card or in the email we sent with your e-gift card).

Can I add money to my gift card?

We’re sorry, but you can’t top up an existing gift card. You can absolutely order another one though.

What happens if I lose or damage my gift card?

Don’t worry, just let us know and we’ll cancel the card and send you out a new one with the remaining balance on it. You’ll just need to tell us where you bought it from (whether it was online or in one of our stores) and, if you can, show us a copy of the receipt so we can check that it’s your gift card.

What do I do with my card once I’ve spent all the balance on it?

You don’t need to keep hold of your gift card once you’ve spent it. If you decide later down the line that you’d like to return one of the pieces you bought with it, we can give you a new gift card with the refund on.

Cancelling and returns

Can I cancel my gift card order?

That depends on whether you’ve bought an e-gift card or a printed one. As long as we haven’t sent it out yet, you can cancel your printed gift card – we send you an email when we’ve popped it in the post, but just get in touch if you’re not sure. We’re afraid you can’t cancel an e-gift card though, because we send it straight away.

Can I return a gift card?

We’re afraid not. If you’d like any help deciding what to buy with your gift card though, just stop by one of our stores or call our customer care team. We also have lots of inspiration over on our journal that might give you some ideas on what to spend it on.

I’d like to return something I bought using my Neptune gift card, how do I go about doing that?

You can return any of the designs you’ve bought using your gift card just the same as you normally would. You can find all the details on our returns policy here. We’ll refund you the amount onto a new gift card and get that sent out to you. Or, if you bought an accessory in one of our stores, you can bring it back in along with the gift card you already have, and we can refund the amount back on to that if you like.