Lampshade Making Kit

Join Jules from Haines Collection on Friday 19th May and learn how to make your own bespoke, professional-looking lampshade.


There’ll be two sessions: a morning one from 10.00am until 12.30pm, and another in the afternoon from 2.00pm until 4.30pm. If you'd like to reserve your spot it's just £55 per person, and includes the cost of the lampshade, and can chose between making a 30cm diameter drum shade or 30cm diameter cone shade. Please reserve your place by emailing us at, calling us on 01243 904417 or popping in to see us. Spaces are limited.


The Haines Collection provides a solution to the environmental challenges facing the Interiors industry today. They are a pioneering platform for the resale of fabric offcuts that would otherwise most likely be headed to landfill. The Haines Collection enables interior businesses to make small but positive changes to help reduce the negative impact that they have on the planet.


Jules is an interiors lover and waste hater. With over a decade in the interiors industry she has experienced first-hand the high volume of waste around. So in 2018, with a small budget, part-time job and a 1 and 3 year old - Jules decided to build a brand that could make a difference. A conscious business.


Given by one of the most influential interior up-cyclers of the moment, Jules Haines is coming to Chichester and will be teaching you how to make your very own lampshade. Either bring along your own fabric (0.5 metres will be plenty), or alternatively, feel free to use one of our old fabric flags.


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