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Flexible furniture: our versatile designs

Flexible furniture: our versatile designs

We design our furniture to last for one hundred years, using the finest quality materials and traditional, fail-safe joinery. We also design our furniture with flexibility in mind, knowing that your home may well need to bend and stretch to accommodate life’s twists and turns. That being so, we’ve gathered the pieces in our collection that keenly carry the mantle of flexibility, to help you understand how and where you might use them around your home.


Our latest four-poster bed has the same elegant finial details and Black-Bronze finish characteristic of the rest of the Coniston collection. Yet its sleek framework has even more to offer. You wouldn’t know just by looking at it, but this poised four-poster transforms into a standard bed in just a few simple steps. The upper framework and posts are removeable, and you can reattach the finials to the lower frame to restore its silhouette. This way, if the bed moves to a room with lower ceilings, or if you feel like a simpler look later down the line, it remains just as functional and beautiful. The upholstered headboard is removeable too, so you can update it with a new fabric in years to come.


You’ll find versatility throughout our collection, but nowhere more so than in our modular furniture designs. Chawton’s our make-it-your-own cabinetry collection inspired by grand library bookcases but brought up to date with clever configurations and plenty of customisable scope. The campaign drawer –named after the furniture carried by travelling armies between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries – is our newest component. Designed to be paired with cabinetry in the collection, it has a pull-out surface for anything from penning a card to preparing a drink; it’s a multi-functional design that serves a purpose in any number of rooms. Use it with the Chawton base cabinets and sideboard drawer, for example, to create a desk or dressing table that stows away when needed.


The second of our modular systems is Pembroke: our buildable shelving to fit any space. With cornicing, skirting and mouldings that reflect our Suffolk and Chichester collections, Pembroke has a classic feel and a configurable nature to boot. Whichever set up of shelves and drawers you choose for your space (our in-store teams can help you with this), Pembroke’s function can be adapted as your needs naturally shift. Use anywhere from the boot room for storing wellies and outdoor wear, to your home office for stacking books and displaying keepsakes.

Designs for the whole home

For other pieces in our collection, versatility stems not from built-in features, but from the simplicity of the design.

Wardley carver chair: another new design for autumn 2022, the generous proportions and traditional design of this chair make it equally well suited to a dining room table, kitchen nook, or to the bedroom, with a sheepskin draped over the back and a scatter cushion added for comfort.

Aldwych chest of drawers: the smallest of any of our chest furniture, with a simple linear design and a signature tray-style top. Its small proportions will work just as well beside a bed or used as a console table.

Beswick and Milo stools: use Beswick, our ceramic stool, as a plant stand, bedside table, or an extra surface for towels or toiletries in the bathroom. Milo, meanwhile, sits somewhere between a hard and soft stool, and so works well as a footrest, an extra perch at the table, or as a table itself (particularly the larger of the two sizes).

Chichester grand chest of drawers: although at home in the bedroom, this design can also function as a spacious sideboard, with the seven deep drawers housing table linens, crockery and the like.

Explore our new season collection for flexible furniture inspiration.