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Easy ways to enhance your bathroom

Easy ways to enhance your bathroom

Our bathrooms are working hard at the moment. Not only during the morning rush but as welcome retreats when life in lockdown gets a little challenging. So how to make the room feel special for every situation? Unlike any other room in the house, bathrooms have the tough task of needing to be highly practical and efficient but also deeply relaxing. And we believe the best way to achieve both goals is in the planning.

Practical solutions

To be highly practical, the bones of the bathroom needs to work overtime - a generous sized power shower, a variety of excellent (and flattering) lighting options and hardwearing, water-friendly finishes. Good storage is important, whether that is open shelving, a wooden ladder for piles of fluffy white towels or soft jute baskets to tidy away lotions and potions - maybe each family member has their own basket?

Keeping surfaces fuss-free and clear really helps when you are on a deadline, so ceramic pots for toothbrushes and an under-basin drawer, like that on our Chichester open washstand, is useful for those daily unguents like toothpaste and face wash. You can also decant lotions or even cotton wool pads into glass jars for easy, quick access.

And finally, a decent sized mirror such as our Edinburgh round mirror with balanced Hanover task lighting will speed up those morning rituals.

Indulgent treats

To be deeply relaxing requires a slightly different approach and a focus on the senses. A relaxation space is all about the atmosphere: creating a calm, serene place where you can pamper yourself and take some time out (we also find it helps to have a lock on the door!).

The colours of the bathroom will affect its mood - dark walls will create a cocooning atmosphere, while warm whites will feel gently refreshing. Just avoid bright whites; combined with the white porcelain of bath ware, they can leave the room feeling cold and clinical.

Plants add life and good energy to a bathroom. They love the warm, humid air and ferns thrive particularly well in low-light level bathrooms. Pothos plants absorb water well so are good if you are worried about too much moisture.

Bring in natural textures and colours to add visual interest to what is often and wipe-clean-and-go space. A simple wooden footstool or upholstered seating like our Madeleine chair, if you have the space, will create an inviting perch for a loved one to join you for a restorative chat at the end of the day. Or how about a thick, washable sheepskin rug to warm up bare feet.

Finally, don’t forget the effects of scent to take your bathroom from ordinary to extra-ordinary. Nothing says total relaxation like a a candle lit bath at the end of the day but our Rosemary & Thyme scented candle, with its herbal notes of rosemary, basil and geranium and refreshing hits of bergamot and green mandarin, will enhance a hard-working bathroom at any time of night or day.


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