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The new season wish list

The new season wish list

The arrival of a seasonal collection is an exciting time for us here at Neptune (and for you, our customers). But what about the industry experts who work with, and report on, the new pieces? Here, a handful of our friends from the interiors world share their most eagerly-anticipated designs from the new autumn collection.

Jake Curtis, interiors photographer

“I love the tall, slim Shepton cabinet that we shot for the autumn photography campaign. I like the idea of a cabinet with a glass front that enables you to display your favourite pieces collected over the years. It’s also deceptively deep and I can imagine it in my office as a good-looking and useful storage solution.”

Michelle Ogundehin, author and TV presenter

“The new Olive paint shade doesn’t shout for attention, it doesn’t need to. Instead, it takes a quiet, confident stance that’s reassuring in its solidity. Cool and casual with an in-built sense of the outdoors, to my mind it sits comfortably between the crisp efficiency of a navy and the laid back luxe of a grey. Smart, chic and eternally timeless. Caveat: Olive is a colour that requires, nay expects, a certain investment in it. It seldom works its magic if used halfheartedly.”

Emma Sims Hilditch, interior designer and Neptune creative founder

“The Ardingly cabinet is one of my favourite pieces to be launched this autumn. It’s a multi-functional piece with lots of clever design details. The design started with the idea of a drinks cabinet but soon we realised that this piece could sit beautifully in any room in the home and could happily be used as a TV cabinet or a dressing table. The idea of being able to close the doors and hide a TV was really important to me, but equally we wanted the contents to sparkle if being used as a drinks cabinet, thus the inclusion of both mirror and lighting (which is also perfect for doing your make-up). A truly adaptable piece.”

Kate Watson Smyth, author and founder of Mad About The House

“A console table is one of the most useful pieces you can buy. The elegant half-moon shape of the Blenheim means it doesn’t take up much space and yet its dark good looks make it perfect for a variety of uses aside from the classic hall table – where it will look very handsome holding a vase of flowers and your keys. But it will also work brilliantly as a dressing table in a bedroom, a desk in a spare room and behind a sofa with a couple of lamps in a large sitting room.”

George Miller, home designer at Neptune Fulham

“Redford is a classic log basket with loads of potential. It has a lovely sculptural shape with a simple decorative colour band that means it’s pleasing to look at in any room – and not just for logs, but housing a pot plant or even your laundry.”

Despina Curtis, interiors stylist

“I absolutely fell for the Northwich stool when we took two on the autumn shoot we did recently. I found them so versatile in terms of usage and styling. They’re just the right size and shape to be a neat bedside table or as an extra seat at the dining table or desk. The oak finish is my particular favourite and I love the Shaker influence in its design and the detail in the joinery. I know it’s not strictly a brand new design for this season, but it’s nearly new!”

India Knight, Sunday Times Style columnist and author

“I like colour, so I especially like the Caspar sofa in Harris Tweed Olive, a particularly lovely shade of green that, cleverly, would look warm and cosy in winter and fresh and vibrant in summer. People always think sofas need to be absolutely enormous, but they can so easily overwhelm a space. I love a chic two-seater – this one is very self-assured and would look beautiful in a smaller living room, or even at the foot of a bed. I like its clean lines, the distinctive stud detail on the arms, and how it looks both elegant and supremely comfortable.”

Busola Evans, associate editor Homes & Gardens and Livingetc

“The Ardingly cabinet is a real stand-out piece. I love the clever contrast between the painted wood and the stand, with its elegant legs, in natural wood, which blends classic and contemporary. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be used for anything from a drinks cabinet in the living room to a place to store crockery in the kitchen.”

Jessica Sims Wilson, home designer at Neptune Cheltenham

“When the Wycombe seating collection was launched earlier this year, it quickly became a favourite of mine, so the addition of the armchair is incredibly exciting. I love the versatility that a wooden armchair offers in our collection, both as a contrast in living spaces where there are quite a lot of upholstered pieces, but also as a practical choice as a bedroom chair or even a place to welcome guests in an entrance hall. I love the Art & Crafts inspired spindle back and the elegant shape this gives the chair – it’s surprisingly comfortable too.”

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