Handles & Hardware

Handles & Hardware

Our handle collection


Although often thought of as more contemporary than brass or bronze, in our eyes, chrome will always be a classic choice for kitchens, pairing seamlessly with stainless-steel taps and appliances.


Bright, warm and unashamedly traditional, choose brass hardware for your cabinets to lend them the feel of antique pieces whose handles have been lovingly polished to a gleaming sheen.

Chawton drawers detail

Like brass, bronze’s colour places it on the traditional side of things, but it offers a more subdued kind of look than brass does – think gracefully aged rather than glowing bright.


Traditional meets contemporary in this finish, a look that mimics the natural black patina that can build on bronze. It’s both warm and strikingly graphic, and will take on its own patina of use over time.

Oak & leather

Two finishes that offer a soft-to-the-touch alternative to metal: natural, characterful oak for pairing with any hinge finish, and buttery leather in classic tan that’s best partnered with Black-Bronze.

Our hardware collection

Hardware deserves respect. It’s what takes a kitchen design to the next level. It’s the hawk-eye for detail that brings your entire room together.

With your kitchen designer at your side, you’ll work out the hardware combination that makes both you and your kitchen happy, be it Black-Bronze handles, hinges and catches the whole way through or an eclectic mix of shapes and sizes.


See our kitchens in store

Our website is a good introduction to our kitchens, but nothing beats seeing them in person. You can explore all four of our collections in just about any of our stores (where rooting through cupboards and peering into drawers is very much encouraged), and you’ll also find that each one usually sits side-by-side with a dining area or perhaps even a laundry room to give you a real feel for how they’ll look in your own home.